Mount Horrocks Section CLOSED During Fire Season – USE ALTERNATE ROUTE

Mount Horrocks Trail Closed During Fire Season - Town Map

Please note that the whole of the Lavender Federation Trail (LFT) isCLOSED ON TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS. Bravo to Watervale’s David Spackman, who is a proud South Australian Recreation Trails Inc (SARTI) Board member and land owner along the LFT for working with other members of the SARTI Board to develop an alternative route for …

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Trail Change – TRURO – South of the Sturt Hwy – Map 3


South of the Sturt Hwy where the trail loops through the Munchinberg property and Truro Creek Gorge the trail has been moved ~100m South of the Highway and a new stile added to the inner fence, and the trail realigned and re-marked. Please comply with the bio-security and No Dogs signs at the property entry …

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Lavender Trails Feature in ABC Regional SA Radio – Regional Drive Great Builds

Regional Drive Great Builds The Lavender Federation Trail Feb 2023

ABC Regional SA Radio presenter Narelle Graham interviewed South Australian Recreational Trail Inc (SARTI) publicity manager Graham Hallandal on the 325km Lavender Federation Walking Trail (LWT) and the more recent development of the 302km Lavender Cycling Trail (LCT), which have both been built entirely by volunteers. It is a very interesting interview, thanks to both …

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