Plea For Walkers To Protect Our Trails, Properties & Environment

Lavender Federation Trail - SARTI Logo

Recently the South Australian Recreation Trails inc (SARTI) updated it’s ‘Trail information’ page,

refining the statement about ‘BioSecurity’. At the time it was more thinking of the threat of spreading weeds and ‘Phytophthora’.

Another recent very serious threat to the farming community (and many other industries) has emerged in Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) with it coming to our neighbours in Indonesia.

As our Lavender Federation Trail allows access to private land through the generosity of land owners SARTI is keen to ensure the ‘BioSecurity Safety‘ of this land and the livelihoods of the farmers and land owners we enter we would like to point out a great article on WalkingSA, with further guidelines/help.

We encourage everyone to read this post on thier website and to endevour to work with the suggestions.

(on WalkingSA website).