Thru Hiking the Lavender Federation Trail – Sept 2018 – Page 8

18 September – Eudunda to Footeside Farm 14 km

We enjoyed our day off in Eudunda, climbing to the lookout, exploring the Colin Thiele connection and admiring the architecture of the town. I never get tired of looking at those wonderful old SA buildings, among them Gosling Cottage, most of Gunn Street and the railway station. In the town gardens is a wonderful collection of glazed tiles telling pioneers stories and town history and describing flora and fauna – not to be missed! Also of interest, 2 P76s in the yard opposite the motel!

Rested, refreshed and resupplied we headed out through the caravan park, showground and golf course on our way to Truro. From the amount of golf balls in the adjoining sheep paddock, there must be some wayward golfers in Eudunda. The trail followed fences and old farm roads and on to Woithe Road, heavily timbered but now of a mallee type of eucalypt and only passable in dry weather, except by hikers. The trail today passed several ruined stone cottages and one in the process of being restored.

The road came to a creek crossing and we followed the creek upstream through a wombat playground peppered with holes. We walked through the middle of a wheat field for 500m before turning onto and following Foote Creek for 2km. The dry creek was surrounded by forest which was pleasant to walk through. The trail intersected with Eudunda Road but we walked through a field for a short distance up to Footeside Farm, a lovely old stone homestead with many outbuildings. We had arranged accommodation and dinner here but found no-one home. Peter soon arrived with his two dogs and gave us a tour of the property which offers accommodation and also produces Australian native foods.

We settled into the barn and were taunted for the rest of the day by the roast lamb which was slow cooking for us in the kitchen. A small section of the LFT is over the other side of Eudunda Road and we decided to walk that section in the afternoon. The trail continued along a tunnel under Eudunda Road, past some ruins and uphill to a rocky hilltop surrounded by wheatfields. Peters dog Pip wanted to go with us but obediently returned home when we told her to. A couple of day hikers were met in this section and reported nearly being blown off Leakes Lookout, which we tackle tomorrow.

Back at the farm we had fun exploring the cornucopia of farm machinery, tools and junk in the many outbuildings. Peter clearly doesn’t throw much out. Showers interrupted our forays but we were treated to a wonderful rainbow. Peter visited us at 5.30pm and left a bottle of port. Michelle came soon after to organise our dinner which was magnificent. Thanks Peter and Michelle! We retired to the barn thinking that life was pretty good.