Lavender Federation Trail – Cloth Badge

We now have a Lavender Federation Trail cloth badge.
Cost is $10 plus postage of $2.00 (max 10 per post), additionally some map outlets stock them.

Lavender Federation Trail - Cloth Badge
Lavender Federation Trail – Cloth Badge 75mm

You are contacting George Adams about Badges

George is kindly looking after Badge Sales for SARTI.
You can simply order them here. Once you submit the order you should receive an email with how to pay SARTI. Payment can be by Cheque or Bank Transfer. When the payment has cleared your badges will be sent to the address you supply here.
A Postal Charge of $2.00 is automatically added to the total.
This form can also be used to Just ask a question about the SARTI / Lavender Federation Trail Badges in the Comments / Questions section.

You can order a Maximum of 10 Badges in this order. If you need more - send a comment below. Postage $2.00 is added


Please send this amount to SARTI. THANK YOU!