ARPA Active over 50s’ Bushwalking Club

In November 2013 SARTI were delighted to receive this letter from the ‘ARPA Active over 50s’ Bushwalking Club’ about their experiences on the trail.

Lavender Federation Trail

Recently a group of C Grade walkers from the ARPA bushwalking club completed a project to walk the LFT from Murray Bridge to Truro.
The trail was broken down into sections to suit our C grade standard, i.e. about 10 to 12 kms in length. This meant we had 14 walks overall, 8 of which were done as part of our regular day walk program from Adelaide, and a further 6 based at a camp in Nuriootpa.
The first day walk attracted 14 people and by the eighth we were getting over 30 to the walks, so it popularity had increased.
We think it is important for us to let you know how much the existence of that trail was appreciated by these walkers, and to show our appreciation for all the work that has gone into developing and maintaining it.
Highlights were many, but being able to explore an area not often visited by us and having the opportunity to walk through some very scenic country was special to our walkers.
Often mentioned were the rocky outcrops, panoramic vistas and hidden gorges and creeks. Less admired were the numerous stiles and boggy patches, but were still a valuable part of the adventure.
Some statistics for your interest—
1. Over the project 80 different people experienced at least 1 day on the trail.
2. Of the 14 on the first walk 11 went on to complete the whole project.
3. With approx. 35 on a walk it can add about 1 hour to the day if there are 12 stiles to cross. (the crazy things people think about while they are walking!!)
We have banked $100 which is money collected by walkers for use in the maintenance and development of the trail.

Heather and Malcolm Todd
Co-leaders of the C grade LFT project
ARPA Active over 50s, Bushwalking Club

You can find the ARPA website here