Webb Gap

Celebrate linking of the trails

Sunday April 17th 2016

The South Australian Recreation Trails Inc (SARTI) in conjunction with Friends of the Heysen Trail
are organizing a celebration of the linking of the two trails.

The Board of SARTI is proud to announce a major celebration to mark these two great milestones in the development of the Lavender Federation Trail (LFT).

This will be held on Sunday April 17th 2016 at Peppermint Springs on Ngapala Road which is about 4 km ESE from Webb Gap in the Tothill Range.

Webb Gap is where the Heysen Trail crosses the range from west to east, a section that will be shared by both trails.

Opening of Webb Gap 17th April 2016 - Invitation
Opening of Webb Gap 17th April 2016 – Invitation

10:00 am. Walks will be organized by SARTI starting at Peppermint Springs.
Pre 12:00 am. Invited guests and supporters gather at Webb Gap.
12:00 noon. Official opening ceremony at Webb Gap.
1:00 pm. Lunch at Peppermint
2:00 pm. Last organized walk.

Everyone is invited to attend and join us on this auspicious day. 

Lavender Federation Trail - Enjoying the views from Quinn Gap toward the Tothill Ranges
Lavender Federation Trail – Enjoying the views from Quinn Gap toward the Tothill Ranges

Catering will be provided by the Robertstown War Memorial Community Centre.
Local producers are invited to attend and show their products and walking clubs, local accommodation and retailers associated with walking are encouraged to set up displays.

Walking Groups are invited to join us by adding a walk on this day to their program.  Advice on walks can be obtained from Ian Pool (imedp@bigpond.com) or Graham Hallandal (asta@internode.on.net ),  place an enquiry on our web site or contact Chris Bushell, president, SARTI at chris.bushell@pobox.com, phone 8264 3594 or 0429 400645

Between Eudunda and Webb Gap, the main trail takes advantage of views of the surrounding countryside. For 22 km, the trail overlooks vistas to the east (top & bottom left) or the eastern edge of the Tothill Ranges (bottom right).
These are the areas covered by walks at the trail opening on 17th April next year.

The Heysen Trail, a seven year full time project of Terry Lavender OA and the Lavender Federation Trail initiated by Terry in 1998 will meet in a symbolic joining of the two trails. Ann Lavender serves on the SARTI Board and is a life member and patron of SARTI.

Put the date in your diary and we hope to see you there.