SARTI Supporting Accommodation During Tough Times

*** ATTENTION: Accommodation & Tourism Suppliers ***

NOTE – November 2020: Last newsletter this offer was aimed at Accommodation Suppliers – SARTI is now expanding that offer for All Tourism Operators along the Lavender Trails. This includes accommodation, camping facilities, transport services, food outlets or any services that may be of interest to walkers and and Cyclists.

We have adjusted the information and web form slightly to describe and accept other businesses – but if something seems a little different – just fill in the form and leave us a note, so we can try help you.

The South Australian Recreation Trails Inc. (SARTI) recognise Accommodation Providers and Other Businesses relying on Tourism along the trail have had a very tough time of it in the last few years, first most have seen a drought in their individual areas for the last three years, with the drought comes people tightening their budget and accommodation providers and other businesses linked to local tourism feel the consequences.

No-one could have prepared for what came next as the latest challenge both locally, nationally and World Wide has been the effect of the COVID-19.
Suddenly not being able to open at all, is a devastating proposition for any business, and the length of the shutdown made it even harder on all. It must be said that we in Australia and even more so in South Australia have been very lucky to have so far escaped the worst effects, with low numbers catching the virus and low death counts and for that we are thankful.

The South Australian Recreation Trails Inc. (SARTI) Board Board recognise the importance of our Accommodation & Tourism Suppliers along the Lavender Federation Trail, and the Lavender Cycling Trail and the Loops and Spurs off both these two trails.

As the lockdown is removed, with things slowly coming back to normal, we feel it important to support those who rely on our trails to remain viable and flourish so that our trails give people great experiences.

If you are one of the Accommodation Suppliers or Tourism related businesses along our trails, SARTI would like to offer to approved businesses a

“COVID Relief Package”

of a FREE Listing on the Lavender Federation Trail Website for one year.

To take advantage of this offer, please register on our web form.
which is below (bottom of page).
Note that this will not include Advertising in the Footsteps Newsletters (there would be too many).

You can still be a Full Business Member if you would like to support our efforts!

As everyone has different circumstances and situations, some of our providers may feel they would still like to support the Lavender Trails by becoming Full Business Member. and you will be most welcome.

Business Membership is still $100, you will get a full listing on the website, and ADDITIONALLY also have the opportunity to be listed in the Footsteps Newsletter which comes out 3 to 4 times per year. As the Newsletter is our most popular form of communicating with our supporters this is great value at a very reasonable cost to you.

The Footsteps Newsletter currently has 730+ Subscribers (at Nov 2020).
Your advert would be right in front of people who are looking for services like yours and the newsletter is delivered straight to the person – who by the way has signed up voluntarily to get the news from SARTI. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR FOOTSTEPS TOO, so you know what is happening around the trails. If you are not already subscribed – leave a note below asking for us to sign you up

We would also like to encourage everyone to suggest that thier customers (Walkers and Cyclists) sign up for the Footsteps Newsletter.  

If you are one of the Accommodation/Tourism Suppliers along our trails, SARTI would like to offer to approved businesses a

“COVID Relief Package”

of a FREE Listing on the Lavender Federation Trail Website for one year. Request a listing on the form below.
(this is a quick registration form, we will ask you a few more questions once we get talking to you. Thank You.

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    This will direct which listing we add your business to (Multiple ok - but you may only be listed on one)
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    Note that Friends of the LFT "Full Membership" is still available.
    This membership is meant for Business Membership and currently the difference is that you will be supporting SARTI to maintain and build trails financially.
    You will get a full listing (same as the Free COVID Package on offer at the moment).
    THE DIFFERENCE: To announce your support for SARTI we will enhance your Heading in the listing and also place your banner advert (the listing) in the Footsteps Newsletter for 4 times (generally one year)
    (opens a new window).