Join Us For the 10th Anniversary Celebration of
Opening of Lavender Trail at Eudunda – 7th & 8th Sept 2024

Ten years ago we celebrating a walking event, and now thanks to the fantastic work of our Volunteers we can also make this a combined walking and cycling event to celebrate and we would love to see our cyclist friends attend too so both interest groups will be catered for!

The official opening of the Walking Trail from Truro to Eudunda was actually on the 28th September 2014 (we hope you don’t mind us celebrating a little bit earlier.

The South Australian Recreation Trails Inc (SARTI) Board and the Eudunda community would like to invite you to come and participate in various walking and cycling during the day.

Helen Dominish, SARTI’s avid cyclist has already made plans to run a cycle loop on the Saturday and then another direction on the Sunday. 

The morning is combined with the Eudunda Community Market so may be of interest to those who are more of a Taxi Service for the walkers and cyclist. Additionally the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery will be open (you can spend quite a few hours looking at all the things in there). The community also have a beautiful garden to explore, a mosaic art trail and more. If there was enough people and interest we could even organise a guided bus tour of the district.

Eudunda Storytime Silo Art
Eudunda Storytime Silo Art

Currently we plan to have several walking tours on the Saturday (various lengths) – if there is enough demand we may add to that and run some on Sunday too. 
We will give more details as they firm up – but please put the day or days in your diary, as we would love to see you at Eudunda for the celebration.

Check out the Event page we had in 2014